January 28, 2022

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  • Is CompTIA A+ Certification Right for You? Here Are 5 Main Reasons to Earn It

    Posted On : June 8, 2020


    For success in any career field, remember you are the one to set the pace. How you begin and move forward will determine the amount of time it will take to achieve the final destination. Any professional worth their salt must consider the kind of goals they would like to achieve. And when it comes to IT, there are some ready-made paths that can support you in building a career: these are certifications provided by different vendors as well as for different areas of expertise.

    This post concerns the Certbolt CompTIA A+ certification which is a good option for those who just start their professional journey in IT. Those who acquire this credential target to work as technical support personnel. To get here, you need to be proficient in core hardware and software skills. And to discover if this is what you would like to go for, it is essential that you learn the badge’s details and why it is worth earning. Are you ready to find this out? Keep reading!

    More About CompTIA A+ Certification

    The impressive range of jobs presented in the IT world demands varied training approaches, knowledge, and experience. But what should newbies do in this case? The answer is to gain proper skills and validate them through entry-level certification. And this is where CompTIA A+ comes to the scene.

    The A Plus Certification Exams credential has been designed to make you a suitable candidate for a number of roles in computer servicing and tech support that can become a good stepping stone for future career advancements. Preparing to obtain it, you’ll study a number of topics including networking, hardware, software, troubleshooting, configuring mobile devices, and security among others. Then, you’ll have to validate your knowledge by passing two tests: 220-1001 as well as 220-1002.

    The process of identifying your proficiency in the targeted objectives involves taking up to 90 questions for each of the exams. Multiple choices, drag-and-drops, and performance-based items will be included. For you, to ace, these assessments, 675/900 and 700/900 points must be met for test 220-1001 and test 220-1002, respectively.

    But the question that is most likely to linger in your mind is whether this credential really worth your time and effort. To answer this, let us move to the next part of this post that will tell you about the benefits of acquiring the CompTIA A+ badge.

    Benefits of Earning CompTIA A+ Certification

    With the IT world’s trust in CompTIA credentials, it is without a doubt that A+ badge’s popularity is fast rising. This is true especially for those who are just beginning and thinking about gaining basic but critical IT skills. So, what does it mean for you to pass the two exams and get validated through a certification? These are the reasons.

    1. It prepares you for entry-level jobs

    The CompTIA A+ credential is worth it when it comes to gaining skills in readiness for entry-level job positions. This is because it validates your general knowledge concerning computers as well as networking and depicts you in two ways. First is how your employer will see you as someone willing to advance their career. Secondly, it demonstrates your ability to work hard to achieve your set goals.

    To say the truth, certifications these days are part of the deal. It is no longer easy to get employed without one. But, with CompTIA A+, you can surely become a service desk technician, associate network engineer, and systems support specialist among others.

    1. Develops your study habits and responsibility

    Preparation for any exam, especially for a challenging one, will teach you to improve self-motivation, dedication, and responsibility for reaching the aims you’ve set for yourself. You also learn to create plans and advance time-management skills among others. Remember, the habits you develop here will help you not only to pass the tests but also to perform well in the workplace and to handle different issues in your life as well.

    1. Gives a chance to earn a great salary

    Even being a beginner in IT, having the CompTIA A+ badge is a great way to get a well-paying job. It is quite impressive that PayScale’s latest report states that A+ certified specialists earn about $61,000 on average per annum. And this is among the factors influencing the rising demand of this badge by professionals.

    1. Provides you with comprehensive knowledge

    In today’s age, service technicians are must-have specialists in every establishment. All the businesses, including newly launched, utilize PCs and devices and need a specialist who can manage that equipment as well as provide troubleshooting and security. Thus, the necessity of basic skills is unavoidable. And as long as A+ certification provides you with knowledge of various IT areas, you’ll be able to handle a broad range of responsibilities which will make you more valuable for any company.

    1. Builds a foundation for advanced certifications

    Starting from the entry-level prepares professionals to establish a base on which more advanced skills and credentials can be sought. One of them is the Network+ badge from CompTIA that you can pursue anytime as long as you have the A+ certification. This demonstrates that no one should ever underestimate the value of entry-level skills.


    Gaining the A+ badge opens great opportunities for you. Whether security or networking is your area of interest, 220-1001, and 220-1002 exams offer a perfect chance to gain foundational skills in these areas. And since the certification is vendor-neutral, it will both allow you to choose from a wide range of vacancies and not limit you from going vendor-specific and narrowing your focus.

    Through the CompTIA A+ credential, you can always develop a strong approach to studying and ensuring your skills are current. You will look back with satisfaction as you acknowledge how worthy it was to earn it. So, it’s time to start your preparation and also be ready to boost your IT career!