September 30, 2022

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  • Rapper Coolio died on 28-09-2022 at the age of 59
  • Hilaree Nelson died by fell down during skiing from Mount Manaslu at 49
  • Super Star Mahesh Babu's mother Indira Devi died on 28-09-2022
  • INC Leader Aryadan Muhammed died on 25-09-2022
  • Author Hilary Mantel died on 22-09-2022 at the age of 70
  • UCLA Basketball Player Jalen Hill died at the age of 22
  • Comedian Raju Srivastav passed away on 21-09-2022 at the age of 58
  • The Daughter of veteran actor Ashok Kumar, Bharti Jaffrey passed away on 20-09-2022
  • R&B Singer Jesse Powell died on 13-09-2022 at 51
  • Rapper PnB Rock died on 13-09-2022 from a gunshot by robbers
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